Marianne ward

Marianne Ward (Talulah Riley)

Dr. Marianne Ward is an MI6 physician and the secondary heroine in the 2018 film Risico. She is portrayed by Talulah Riley.

Film biographyEdit

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Behind the scenesEdit

Director Sam Mendes found Riley a charming actress. Riley said Marianne was more "work driven" than other Bond girls, and is instead "fresh and young, not ... a femme fatale." Riley described Marianne as a homage to the 1960s Bond girls, comparing her blonde hair to that of Shirley Eaton, who played Jill Masterson in Goldfinger. Eaton, alongside Diana Rigg, is one of her favourite Bond girls.


  • The character Marianne Ward is adapted from the MI6 physician Kimberly Feare in Raymond Benson's novel Doubleshot, on which the film is based.
  • Marianne is a stereotypical Bond Girl commonly explored in films from the Connery and Moore era. Instead of joining Bond throughout the whole film, she aides him when in a specific country for a specific purpose. Other Bond Girl examples of this include Tilly Masterson from Goldfinger, Patricia Fearing from Thunderball, Kissy Suzuki from You Only Live Twice, Manuela from Moonraker and Pola Ivanova from A View to a Kill.
  • Her name is also a reference to the film The Boat that Rocked, and Riley's character with the same name.
  • Her death is very similar to Plenty O' Toole (Lana Wood) death in Diamonds are Forever.